Collection: Batik Beret

There aren't many accessories that have been adopted by such diverse groups of people living in different periods of history as the beret. Today, it can be seen on the streets and all over international runways. Because we like to keep things fresh here at MaryamBayam, we've decided to give the iconic beret a little batik twist.

Introducing the Batik Beret, made from 100% cotton Batik Terengganu and the best part? You get 2 different Batik designs in a single hat! Now ain't that a steal?

The beret has a quiet charm that helps elevate an outfit without the need for extra effort. Whether you are feeling extra fly, find yourself in a rush, hair won't cooperate or you just can't deal (we all have those days) – our Batik Berets are here to pick up the slack.

We believe that with the right styling, anyone can pull off wearing a batik beret. There are so many ways to do so with just this one accessory. Finding it hard to believe? Go ahead and try it on yourself.

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