Batik x Keffiyeh Bucket Hat

This collaborative effort is brought to you by MaryamBayam and Cardio.logy. For the first time in Malaysia, we have brought together Traditional Malaysian Batik designs and Middle Eastern Keffiyeh in the form of Reversible Bucket Hats. 

Keffiyeh has had a long and complex history. It was known to be the symbol of Palestinian nationalism back in the 1930s. Today, the Black and White design is used to show solidarity with Palestinians. Each square scarf is intricately woven and has its own distinct design that comprises of 3 main parts - Olive leaves (signifies perseverance and strength), Bold Borders (signifies trade routes and cultural merchant exchange) and Fish nets (represents Palestinian sailors and the Mediterranean sea)

10% of the proceeds from each sale will be going towards several charity causes supported by Cardiology in the past, and well as, charities locally. Both MaryamBayam and Cardio.logy believe in empowering our communities, and hope to bring a sense of appreciation for both cultures through this collaboration.

About Cardio.logy

Cardio.logy's signature Keffiyeh Collections is made from Middle Eastern headgear, handsomely turned to clothes and everyday accessories. Each pattern has their own significance - they resemble olive trees, bold routes (borders) and fishnet design. Visit their page @cardio.logy on Instagram to find out more of what they offer.