Our Story

MaryamBayam began with one idea in mind; to preserve the culture of traditional batik through contemporary design. We focus on making accessories inspired by timeless designs and giving them a modern, batik twist.

Our core value lies in preserving the ancient batik technique of using metal blocks dipped in molten wax. We do this by developing new opportunities for artisans to highlight their refined skills. It is our aim to connect people from all over to a craft that is steeped in history, the makers behind it, and to pivot back to what is an integral part of Malaysia’s identity.

Each piece is meticulously designed to outlast fast fashion trends and change the way we spend. A big part of what we do is finding new purpose for scrap fabrics, while constantly working on improving our supply chains. We believe these steps will help reduce our impact on the environment, increase social responsibility and encourage more of you to embrace the slow fashion movement.